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-Surface tchn.
Telescope coverings








|Plants for surface technology | |Booth installation| |Conveyor technique| |Telescopic covering|

Plants for surface technology|^|

Pre-treatment plants


- degreasing/ phosphating


3 chamber - 5 zone pre-treatment plant



3 chamber - 5 zone pre-treatment plant


CAD drawing

Our plants are custom made for any specific requirement. Thanks to a close cooperation with the client and the chemical supplier we produce pre-treatment plants, which match exactly the posed demands

As part of our overall solutions we additionally offer you fresh water, process water and sewage water reprocessing systems.

Clock Pre-treatment plant

An insight into the interior


No rinse - chamber

with succeeding

Adhesive water dryer


Chamber – Pre-treatment plant



Enlargement of a single chamber pre-treatment

Powder coating plant
(photos coming soon)

Wet varnish coating components
(photos coming soon)


Powder baking ovens

Single chamber with manual conveyor technology



Wet varnish dryer


|Conveyor technology | |^|

Overhead single conveyor-

Power and free conveyor systems-

Manual monorail conveyor systems


|Booth installation for machine tools| |^|

  • Enclosure of machining centres
  • Tool change flaps
  • Safety operating doors
  • Fire surpressing booths
  • Safety glazing
  • Safety appliances
For the colouring of the booths we only use high quality powder coating in order to prevent the flaking of the varnish caused by freezing agents.


|Telescope covering| |^|
(photos coming soon)

- New installations
- Reparation